Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Routine is Starting to Drag

by Scott Dalen

Last night I was in the midst of trying to pick my way through homework for the week. Here in week 10 of the semester my routine is pretty well locked in...Sunday night finish up responsive postings for the previous week and start reading for synoptics class, Monday night finish up reading for synoptics and take the weekly quiz. Tuesday night produce my weekly discussion posting for synoptics. Wednesday night begin reading for pastoral care (depending on how much time is available after getting home from church night activities), Thursday night finish reading for pastoral care and attempt to get that posting done. Friday night, slack off unless the posting's not done yet.

That being said, here in week 10 I also find myself hitting a wall. Classes have been in session for two months now and I'm worn out. So instead of jumping right into work last night (after my young kids, 5 and 3, went to bed), I ended up on facebook.

Side note...I think facebook could be considered the drug of choice for Distributed Learning students. We are on there all the time...Gotta get my facebook fix...gotta get my facebook fix.

But I digress.

Anyways, while on FB, I got into discussions with several of my cohort/classmates. It seems like we're all in the same boat by this point of the semester. Tired from long days and late nights. We work all day, do our class work, stick in contextual work within a congregation, many are doing extended units of cpe. I wonder how we all manage to refrain from going a little gaga.

But somehow we manage.

It also seems to be the feeling of the group, or at least the ones I talked to last night, that we're all looking forward to our next intensive, which is coming up in January. 2 weeks on campus, this time in the snow and freezing cold weather. A year ago we say 35 below zero. But we are all looking forward to it.

Why you may be asking?

Well, it allows us to focus on one thing for a couple weeks. Class...nothing else. Well now, that's not entirely true. We are also focusing as best we can on what's going on at home with our families, but what I mean is that our attention can reside on a single task for a short period.

That and we all get to see each other which only happens twice a year. So that's a plus too.


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