Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Trip to Saguaro National Park

by Chase

Last Sunday was my second opportunity to preach here in Arizona and I've begun to prepare for the third opportunity this coming Sunday. Gotta love discipleship in Mark. My internship site has 2 locations, so I'll be preaching every Sunday this year. It's quite a challenge to jump into a new community and a new daily life and start preaching the gospel every Sunday. But, I'm feeling more and more blessed every day to be where I am with the caring people who have welcomed me and will be helping me along the way. I have no doubt that my sermons will get better and better over the coming year. Here are some pictures that I took while on a day trip to Tucson with some of God's generous and welcoming people here in Casa Grande and Arizona City.

P.S. Generally speaking, bad idea to touch cactuses.


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