Monday, September 21, 2009

people of peace

by Amber

Are you a person of peace?
This isn't a common phrase we use around here. What is a person of peace? It's someone whom you meet, and within moments, you recognize they are someone who you share common energy with. I recently passed a guy in the parking lot at Rosedale Center, and after he greeted me with a friendly, "Hello!" I turned to Kevin and said, "He must be a person of peace to someone."
Are you a person of peace to someone?
Do you have someone who you know, connect with, and love for unexplainable reasons? Do you bring joy to someones life after long absences? You are a person of peace.
Can we be people of peace to all people?
There are a few grumps here at seminary. People who walk around and ignore the friendly greetings of others, people who gossip, people who hold grudges. It's hard to find peace with certain people. Here's my suggestion: try being a person of peace for a day. Watch the way the Spirit works through you and produces good fruit in your day. We cannot be all things to all people. Persons of peace included. But we can be transformed through the power of the Spirit and do things our nasty human nature wouldn't dream up. I can't wait to see how the Spirit brings forth people of peace this year. If you're looking for someone to exercise your peaceness on, PICK ME!
Here's a photo of one of my persons of peace. For all the obvious reasons, she's the best!


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