Monday, September 07, 2009

A New Year

by Nina

Summer is almost officially over. The MN State Fair is raging and we know it here at Luther because there is actually traffic and we can hear grandstand events and fireworks at night. The Bockman dorm parking lot is full again. Faculty, staff, and returning students worked hard last week to welcome and orient the new students who chose to participate in First Week activities.

The new school-year begins tomorrow (already & finally). New backpacks and lunchboxes will flood the classrooms and cafeteria as classes resume. Books have been purchased. Reading assignments are out. Syllabi have been issued online. I even have a paper due tomorrow. Soon this community will be drawn into a very different flow of life than it has been in. Tomorrow brings reunions, meeting new people, gulping at the amount of work before us and, of course, the traditional opening chapel worship where the faculty parade in their academic robes.

With another school year comes another blogger. I have elected to pass on the torch to someone new so that another perspective can be shared with the wider Luther community. Thank you, loyal readers for your interest, comments, and support. Let's welcome a new year!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You did a fine job, Nina. Thanks again for your post about Neptune's Rocking Horse.

Who's the new blogger on the block? Do you know?

9/08/2009 09:24:00 PM  

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