Saturday, August 29, 2009

“Gospel on a Stick”

by Daniel

Today I was blessed to have my parents visit me from Kellogg, Minnesota. We went to the “Great Minnesota Get Together” together. It’s been a while since my parents have been to the Fair (uppercase F for certain). My mother went to the State Fair when she was 12. My father went to it when he was 15. Yes, things have obviously changed over the years – but that didn’t stop us from “receiving the day” in the true tradition of Ecclesiastes. This day was a day of simple but elemental pleasures: food, communion, and awe of human spectacle. The “waves” of human beings walking throughout the fair grounds was simply incredible.

But what did I eat? I had a bratwurst, cheese curds, roasted almonds, and a strawberry smoothie. I was surprised that there wasn’t nearly as much “on-a-stick” repast as I had previously thought there was going to be. I was expecting everything including “gospel-on-a-stick” – but was pleasantly disappointed. I was also certain I would submit to absolute gluttony today! I certainly hope that everyone has had a wonderful Saturday. Again, if you choose to indulge at the State Fair – I wish you a great time! Indulge and eat some good food! And take care!



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