Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Kesil

by Daniel

I thought I was being wise this summer, but it turns out I am quite the opposite. I met with Dr. Jacobson earlier today to get a new research assignment. I will be working with Ps. 34-35 commentaries for the next several weeks. It should be good. I love psalmody. Regardless, I was on campus for a while today. Because I needed to check my campus mail, I decided to grace the OCC with my presence.

I thought to myself, “Mail!” as I opened my SPO box. There were three letters in there. It turns out that I messed up. There is a Hebrew word that describes me perfectly; kesil – a fool. And why am I a fool? Well, I exercised foolish behavior last month with my cellular phone. It turns out that my “texting” has become quite an issue this summer. One of the letters was actually a bill—and it turns out that it was quite a bit higher than I was expecting it to be. I am such a kesil! I suppose I will have to learn to pinch my pennies a bit better this month. To use a supposed high frequency GRE term: penurious. Well, speaking of which – time to save some electricity. I wish you a good night. Take care.



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