Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Time to Move

by Daniel

T-minus twenty four hours until move out day. Tomorrow is our the big day. Sonia, Cooper, and I will be moving to a smaller, but much more economically plausible apartment (after all – I’m just doing research right now). It’s in the same building as our current apartment. This is beneficial because we won’t need to take carload after carload of “stuff” to and fro one complex to another. I have been boxing everything that I can manage to box today. Even though the apartment is in the same building it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to be an easy move. Why? Well, we’ve accumulated a lot of “stuff” over the last year (especially after getting engaged). I can’t help but think of our IKEA monstrosity (our bookshelf). Of the essence is time: we have four days to completely move, clean, and make our old apartment presentable. Am I worried? No. I’m excited (well, maybe not for the cleaning)! The moving itself isn’t fun, but the rearranging of “stuff” can be a pleasant experience. I am looking forward to having a real space for my studies: a computer desk, work desk, and bookshelf. There’s something about having an actual workspace that helps me feel much more professional about my work. It helps me focus. I think it will be beneficial to have my desk right next to the living room because I won’t be sealed off from the rest of the apartment (and prone to play games, listen to music, mess around on Facebook). This fall is going to be quite the challenge—so anything I can do to keep focus will be essential. But what about Cooper? Cooper doesn’t really care where he is as long as he is with us. I think he will love the new apartment because he will be able to sit on the balcony (which is screened in) and people watch. That Cooper – what a dog! I sincerely wish you a wonderful afternoon (and best of luck to those of you who are moving too)!



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