Friday, June 19, 2009

Prophecy This

by Daniel

For the past three weeks I have been Dr. Nysee’s teaching assistant for his online prophets class. The prophets class is designed as an online survey of OT prophetic literature. There is also particular attention given to the “big questions” about prophecy. What questions are these? Well, tell me if these sound familiar:

What is a prophet?

And what isn’t a prophet?

What is genuine prophecy?

And what is “false” prophecy?

Are there prophets today?

It’s great stuff. If you’ve taken a prophets class at Luther you’ll recognize those questions. Though I have taken several prophets classes, I am continually challenged by them. The online component of the class has been quite interesting so far: everyone is deeply engaged with the text. It is absolutely enthralling to see how different students react to these seemingly perennial questions.Well, speaking of which – I’m off to do some readings for class. I wish you a wonderful night.


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