Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Missing things.

by Eric

I love being on internship.

It's tough to beat the combination of whetting my appetite for parish ministry and learning a ridiculous amount of stuff and getting to know a wonderful community of people.

There are, of course, several things that are less than fantastic about internship. One of them is missing things. Yes, I badly miss my family and friends--but I mean missing things like events in Minneapolis/St. Paul and, more specifically, at Luther Seminary.

I miss the rhythm of walking to and from classes. I miss the impromptu conversations that sprout streams of inspiration and interest. I miss daily chapel (even if I didn't go every day). I miss grabbing a beer at Manning's or another local bar. I miss the familiar surroundings of the Twin Cities--and discovering new pockets of awesomeness that I hadn't yet found in my 20 years there.

Today, especially, I'm missing the Mid-Winter Convocation. I'm missing the gathering of thoughtful, passionate colleagues and friends. I'm missing the interplay of lectures and workshops. I'm missing meals where ideas and information are consumed just as much as food. And I'm missing hearing Will Willimon speak (that guy is great).

The official topic is "Engaging Scripture as Communities of Moral Deliberation." Maybe it's my Lutheranism running amok, but I often dismiss--or maybe ignore--Scripture as a moral guide. It is true, though, that as communities of faith, we deliberate over morals and seek our identity as a people. This convocation is a great opportunity to explore how Scripture speaks to--and, along with prayer, is central to that process. [Now I'm missing it even more...great.]

I look forward to reading blog posts and having conversations with some of my fellow Luther Seminary students about the convocation. I am on Twitter (@ericedward), and definitely plan on following the convocation conversation (clever sounding, eh?) at the hashtag #convo2011. But still, I wish I could be there.

I'm loving internship so far. I feel truly blessed. But I still miss things. Today (and tomorrow and Friday), I'm especially missing the Mid-Winter Convocation at Luther Seminary. But I'm not missing what can only be scarce parking--or the frigid weather.


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