Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Filling my time

by Scott Dalen

So during this time off between J-term and starting spring semester next week, I've been concerned that I would get bored and go stir crazy. Admittedly, it did happen just a touch yesterday, but only a touch.

Today I had some more time on my hands and thought it more likely that I would get bored. However, after dropping off the kids and hitting the bank...side note, every time I go into the bank up here they try to saddle me with something new...annoying.

But anyway, I sat down and did my go-to time killer, which is of course facebook. I wasn't on there very long when one of my cohort classmates reminded me that internship sites were posted today. Considering that I'm up for internship this fall I figured that I best check them out.

What I didn't plan on was how long it would take to review them. I figured that it would be a quick scan through, but admittedly I was mistaken. It should be noted that I only read through the sites in the Twin Cities, completely disregarding the other sites listed.

It took me over 5 hours to work my way through them and line up my interviews with the supervisors.

No one was as shocked as I was. Well, maybe not. I guess anyone else that has done the same thing probably isn't surprised, but I sure was.

Next on the agenda, going through the interviews.


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