Friday, January 21, 2011

Reflections of the big switch

by Scott Dalen

Friday...cohort 2's classes wrapped up yesterday. Pretty much everyone has already headed home by way of Plains Trains and Automobiles..

Side note...that's a really great movie with Steve Martin and the late great John Candy...check it out.

I came over to campus this morning because I really needed to hit the library and get a couple of hard copy sources (aka books) for my Ethics paper that has yet to be written. That way I'll have it in hand over the course of the weekend if I get bored enough to start writting it.

Just for reference...its not due until next Friday.

My wife is gone for the weekend to a conference in Kansas City and since the kids are both in school, I thought I'd buzz on over. A couple of my fellow cohorters (though admittedly I should say that I'm now a former cohorter) are still around, though, as I mentioned most of them have flown the coop now.

I came into my friend Rick's room (as he is one of the few remainders). He's working on research and I spent a few minutes looking up sources for the library before I actually headed over to the library.

Here is my main observation.

The library was dead. There were a couple of people there...and by a couple I literally mean a couple. Like 2. One of them is a fellow student that I actually know that lives here on campus. Ironically she was in my Mission class this term, but that's neither here nor there. I jabbered with her very briefly as I was heading into the stacks and she was heading out.

After spending about an hour at the library finding said sources I headed back across campus to Stub hall. Once again, it was dead.

At this point it occured to me.

This is my reality now. When the cohort leaves, I'm still here. When campus is dead because everyone is "on break," I'm still around.

I have a new reality to get used to as a full time student.

But before I settle into that new reality...there was one intensive experience that I had yet to partake in...Mannings. I have been there each and every intensive since I've started. Up until today, I had not made it yet.

Knowing that Rick hadn't been there either, I sent him a message this morning asking if he was up for Mannings for lunch.

In the words that I've heard in a movie...though admittedly am totally blanking on right now...Its on like donkey kong.

So after doing my research in the library...Rick and I headed to Mannings for a burger and a beer.

Needless to say, I'm much less interested in working on homework now.


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