Monday, January 31, 2011

More Transistions

by Scott Dalen

As I continue this transition from part time DL student into full time status, I continue to experience more and more things that are new...or in this case, experiences that I haven't had since my college days.

In this case, my new experience is idle time between semesters. I wrapped up J-term stuff last Wednesday. Thursday my daughter was home with me and I was preparing stuff for a trip back to Iowa to celebrate my mother in law's birthday. We were there most of the weekend, which broke up the monotony of the school break.

But now we are back home in Plymouth again. The kids are at school and my wife is at work.

For the most part, I have nothing to do. Granted, there are some errands that need doing. Some of them got accomplished this morning and some are pending for this afternoon, but I consider that a minor detail.

This week, I'm in what I like to call "bump on a log" mode. I don't have class. I don't have homework. And as I'm still dragging my feet on the whole employment situation (more on that in a bit), I don't have a job.

I literally have nothing to do and its already driving me a little batty. Good thing this is only lasting a week this go round. Otherwise I might go a little crazy.

Backing up to the whole work thing. Since moving up to the Twin Cities a month ago, I've been holding off on trying to find a job until I get into the full time semester. The main reason is that I have no idea what the time input is going to be in terms of homework for 5 classes. I'm used to 2, 5 is a whole new realm.

I don't want to start a part time job and then end up having to quit in a couple weeks if I discover that there aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish everything. I also held off because it would not have worked to have a job around the 2 week intensive during J-term.

So now I find myself without a job, and beyond cleaning the house, doing the dishes and the laundry, I don't have much going on today.

That being said, I did venture out this morning and accomplish a couple things. First I went to the bank. In one of the last steps of moving (the actual last will be getting our house in Iowa sold...still not accomplished that yet) we closed out our old bank accounts last Friday, so I needed to get the deposits placed into our new bank up here.

So I headed to the bank and did said deposits. I also managed to procure the only open safety deposit box in this particular branch. Bonus points on that one. My next goal was to head across town to the school enrollment center to get my daughter's paperwork turned in for Kindergarten for this fall.

I thought I had the correct address in the gps to take me there, but I quickly realized my error. Fortunately, I was about to go past the school, so I pulled in there to get the correct address. While there, I was pleased to learn that I could turn in the paperwork there and they would forward it to the enrollment center for me. Bonus...saved me a trip across town in lousy snowy weather.

Then I headed to Target as there were a few essentials that I needed to pick up and then since I was in the vicinity of the church, I swung by to say hi to my wife and then pick the brain of the associate pastor that is my wife's boss. She is a recent (within the past couple of years) graduate of Luther and I wanted to gain her perspective of the whole process.

We had a good chat and then I headed home. It was only as I was about to step out of the truck that I caught a glimps of myself in the mirror. I then realized that I have not yet showered or shaved today, and I went out in public like that.

I must be getting a little more used to this whole "full time student" thing.


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