Thursday, January 27, 2011

A new experience on campus

by Scott Dalen

Wow...Juniors are really starting young these days aren't they?

So this morning I needed to head over to campus, but today was a little bit different. Thursday's my daughter does not go to school, and as I didn't have class either, she was staying home with me today...or more so, she tagged along with me to campus.

After my son hopped on the bus to head to school, the two of us headed on out for a little daddy-daughter time.

The cause for the trip to campus was two-fold. First I needed to drop off some books at the library, seeing as I finished up the research paper that I was utilizing them for yesterday. So that was our first stop. We dropped the books and then I showed her around the library, even going back into the stacks...she was ready to check out every single level (all 8 of them) in the stacks, but I refrained from that. After our adventure in the library, we walked through the tunnel into Bockman, only for the purpose that she can now say that she's done it.

Side note, we also checked out the ping pong table in the basement...if you are bored on a break from class, I highly recommend it.

After that we headed over to Northwest to drop off my CPE materials in the contextual office. It took longer to walk there than it did to drop off the stuff, but that's okay. It was somewhat warm and we enjoyed the walk. We also each got a piece of chocolate in the contextual ed office. That made it all worthwhile.

At this point, I had accomplished everything that I needed to accomplish, but she wanted to stick around for chapel, which was starting about 45 minutes later. How can you say no to that. So we headed over into the Caf where she kept busy playing computer games on the laptop, and I dove into the paper to catch up on the news.

We went to chapel, which was also fun with her in tow. I especially got a charge out of seeing her stand up when all of the students stood up. The thought of juniors being pretty small jumped through my head again at this point.

Then after chapel was done, we headed into the caf for a lunch date. Luther Seminary Cafeteria big sandwiches. Mmm mmm good.

So all in all, it was a fun new experience to be accomplishing things on campus with one of my kids in tow. this time worked out fine, though I don't think I want to attempt to take class with one of them tagging along.

I think I'll let them wait and attend seminary themselves before I subject them to one of these classes. Sound like a plan?


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