Saturday, January 15, 2011

Different Schedule

by Scott Dalen

After reading Jenni's last post, I have come to realize that our schedules don't quite match up. She's done with the second week of J-term, and while that is true, we here in the DL cohort are only through week 1. A few of cohort one aren't even showing up until this weekend so they haven't even started "week 1" yet.

Weird wild stuff.

Speaking of wrapping up our first week, things are going well and so far, we are all surviving it. One interesting thing did happen though. The majority of my cohort are taking Ethics 1 and Mission 2 during this intensive. Our first paper was due yesterday via upload in MyLuthernet for Ethics.

I had a goal of getting it done and uploaded by Thursday, as there were other things that I wanted to accomplish yesterday. The paper did get done, though admittedly, I don't think I've ever had to think so hard for 350 words. I guess it was a good assignment right?

Following the completion of my paper, I went ahead and uploaded. However, there was an issue. When I was browsing for the paper, I ended up in the wrong class folder and promptly uploaded a reflection paper from Mission.

This is a slight problem.

However, I did not realize my mistake until yesterday morning when I got an email from Professor Marga. While she praised an interesting read, it was clearly not the paper she was expecting.

So I emailed off the correct paper right away.

Later on at lunch time, the members of the various cohorts gathered to have lunch with their respective advisors. My advisor had another engagement and wasn't there, so I ended up sitting a table with Dr. Marga. We jabbered briefly about my mistake, but she was laughing and informed me that it happens all the time.

That made me feel better. But rest assured when I uploaded paper number 2, I double checked that it was the right one.


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