Monday, January 17, 2011

Blue Monday?

by Jenny

I had no idea that the third Monday of January has been dubbed “Blue Monday” until I just saw an article about it on the internet. Apparently a British psychologist came up with a theory that calculates today as the most depressing day of the year. This seems ironic to me today, a day I decided to start being a little bit more hopeful about the gray Minnesota winter that lasts nearly half the year!

Actually, it was last week that a friend of mine encouraged me that if I tried to enjoy winter, it might not seem so unbearable. So after a second day with no sight of the sun, I’m trying to focus on the positive. One sign of hope is what you see in the photograph—I woke up this morning to find two blooms on the hibiscus plant that has been almost entirely brown and leafless since October. They seemed to have come out of nowhere, and with some warm lighting thrown on them I can almost feel a little bit of springtime. There is hope that winter will not in fact last forever.

What else can I be positive about? Well, J-term is halfway over for me now, and it’s not nearly as overwhelming as I expected. I’m finding that I like theology more than I thought, and appreciate the variety in the assignments we have to do for class. I just finished a “hymns and liturgy” paper in which I examined how my Christological doctrine is evident in our Christian music and worship services. This is a more practical use of theology, which I am finding to be refreshing and applicable to ministry.

Having an intensive class does make January go by faster, and the snow and cold actually might help me get more done, since I am not tempted to drop everything to go outside and enjoy the warm weather. I also spend more time studying in the library as opposed to going for walks on my breaks from class (which could be seen as a positive), and I’ve made it to chapel more times this month than during all of Fall semester.

So, even though I resorted to checking out airfare yesterday to warm destinations, I am trying to appreciate each season for what it is. And if my friends at Luther who come from warmer climates complain about the cold less than me, I guess I should try to be a better Minnesotan and just deal with it! Anyway, I am grateful for the little reminders that spring is not that far away.


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