Sunday, January 09, 2011

They're Here

by Scott Dalen

Note...the title of this posting should be read in a way that emulates the little girl from Poltergeist. If it helps, turn on your tv to a channel that has no cable reception...aka will add to the effect.

Over the course of today, plus admittedly some of tomorrow...DL cohorts are making their way to campus. For some like cohort 1 (there are a couple of them here already) this is way old-hat. For others like cohort 4 (seriously, how the heck are we at cohort 4 already?) this is their first time being here.

For me, being cohort 2 and pretty old hat myself, its both a joy and a sadness. I headed over to campus early this evening, getting there about 6pm or so. I had been invited to speak at the welcome supper for cohort 4 and offer the newbies some of the "old-hat" perspective along with two other members of my group.

Free food!!! Can't go wrong there.

It was an enjoyable experience and one that I hope was helpful for the new group. I remember back to my first time descending on campus in January of 2009. We were fresh off a semester of Greek and everyone was limited to a tiny picture and a bunch of postings on Luthernet. They quickly became my Luther family, a source of great support both during those two week periods, but also at home (behold the power of facebook, email, and phone calls). Cohort 4 is about to experience all this...but I'll leave that to them.

Following supper and discussion time, we walked back into Stub and found a gathering of everyone that has made it to campus so far. Admittedly, with our first class not starting until afternoon tomorrow, many haven't made it yet. However, about half of our group was there, some of which I haven't seen for a year and it was great to see them again.

The sad part is that tonight was my last "first night together" with the cohort. They all know that I'm "jumping ship" to go residential (yes, I heard that phrase several times tonight." I'm going to do my best to enjoy this intensive, but admittedly it is already different. When they all gathered for evening prayer, I took my leave and trekked the 25 minutes west to come home. I sit here wondering how much I'll be able to interact with the group outside of class. That is an incredibly important part of the intensives and the cohort system.

So this one is going to be different. I know that and accept that. I'm not the first to leave the cohort to go residential and speed up the process, but honestly, I never thought that I was going to be one to do it.

But for the time being, I'm going to enjoy them as best I can. Class starts tomorrow.

I quote the Joker in The Dark Knight when I say (admittedly not for the first time)...AND HERE...WE...GO.


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