Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Back in Class

by Jenny

J-term started yesterday. It felt good to be back at Luther and see students and staff once again, seeming to be more rested and joyful after the holiday break than during finals! I realized that although J-term classes are intensive, January at Luther still seems like a more relaxed time than during the semester. For most students, we get to focus on one class instead of many, and things around campus just seem quieter in general.

I really enjoyed the first day of my systematic theology class. With only six students (plus the professor and the TA), the class has a very causal, conversational tone to it. It’s a great opportunity to really dig into the material, and to be able to ask and answer each other’s questions as they arise. It would be nice if all my classes were like this, but I suppose that’s why most classes have a “precept” or small group component to them in addition to the lecture.

Another nice thing about this J-term class is that it only meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, which means I don’t have to leave home two days a week if I don’t feel like it! It’s great to have a couple of complete days to study, and not have to commute and deal with traffic, even though I don’t have that far to go. Also, I study better in the mornings, usually getting more done between 7 and 10am than I do the rest of the day. I’m not sure when exactly that changed from my undergrad days of staying up until 2am to study on a regular basis, but now early bedtimes and Good Morning America are my friends!

Speaking of studying, I guess I should get back to it. We have our first quiz on Friday, and I also need to decide which Christological doctrine I want to focus all my work on for the rest of the course. That probably doesn’t sound very exciting to anyone reading this, but I’m looking forward to it. And until I start back at my Teaching Congregation, I probably won’t have much else to talk about for a while than theology. I guess that’s the reality of Life at Luther sometimes!


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