Monday, January 03, 2011

Things Have Changed

by Scott Dalen


Well, almost. Due to some technical difficulties, I have not posted in a month...but it would appear that I'm back up and rolling now.

When I last updated, I was in the midst of wrapping things up down in Iowa. Now a month later...things are pretty well wrapped. My family successfully made the move to the Twin Cities last Wednesday so we are now Minnesota residents...although not legally yet...getting our driver's licence and vehicle registration done is still on the "to do" list. My wife started her new job at Mt Olivet Lutheran Church today, while I was road tripping around the countryside.

Today was my final evaluation day for CPE. So instead of being in the cities, I was back in Iowa for the day and then drove back up here in the midst of lousy weather and road conditions...very exciting let me tell you.

Regretably, due to my inability to post, I have missed out on keeping you all updated with my transitional time. However, I am back up in time to share my last intensive as a DL student as it starts 1 week from today. Then I'll do my best to discuss the transition into fulltime status in about a month.

One other big date coming up...the 25th. Endorsement interview...Yes. I'm starting to freak about that...ever so slightly.

Its good to be back.


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