Monday, June 21, 2010

Back Home Again

by Scott Dalen

Well, after a short time on campus, I'm back home again. The week went fast, but then, its been my experience that the first week on campus usually does go pretty quick. Its the second one that seems to drag, and I believe that this "week 2 drag" occurs for two reasons. The first reason is because you are starting to get brain fry. In January one of our professors commented on that very fact. "You guys are going crazy. There's a limit and I think you have all reached it." That was about Wednesday or Thursday of the second week if I recall correctly. The second reason for the week 2 drag is because we are all getting homesick by that point. Spouses, kids, pets, friends, families...all the regular stuff back home gets to calling you by the second week.

All that being said, I didn't have to experience it this time around. I showed up on Sunday and left on Friday. I've told several people that I was just getting into my groove and it was time to leave. However, I do have to say that the one week went pretty smoothly. My wife and kids stayed busy at home, and to hear my 3 year old talk, they didn't even miss me. Last Thursday my wife reported that she had said "My daddy is coming home tomorrow and that's good, but I don't miss him."

Not quite sure how I was supposed to react to that.

Now that my "in-class" work is done, I wish I could say that I was done for the summer, but I'm not quite to that point yet. I do still have a couple more weeks of on-line work to do before I can call the '09-'10 school year in the books, but that will go quickly.

I find myself getting back into the groove of being at home now...heading off to work instead of going to the caf for my morning breakfast sandwich. Answering the phone and doing computer work (which, when I think about it isn't drastically different than being in class, though the subject of what I'm working on certainly is).

The one plus is sleeping in my own bed. That's more sleeping a small twin bed that I need to pole vault to get into like in Stub hall. Also, no more communal showers. My first shower at home Saturday morning was magical.

Well, maybe not magical, but still pretty nice. gave me another good experience for a week. Classes, Chapel, Community...all things things lump in with a lot of other stuff to make the intensives a positive experience.

Countdown till my next campus shot-6 months 19 days...and counting.


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