Saturday, June 19, 2010

all alone!! :(

by Amber

I think I just got a taste of what my mom experiences every time I travel. Kevin left at 4:00 this morning for Ecuador. Needless to say, I've been feeling sick about it all week, literally, not eating well (which is actually not all that bad), shaky, and nervous. West Africa, Guatemala, Mexico, Iowa: I've traveled too, but there's still something nerve-wrecking about watching the love of my life fly away to some unknown land. Please pray for Kevin and the 11 others from Spirit of Christ as they travel!!!!

I've seen and heard women say thing like, "YES, he's gone! I'm finally FREE!" when their husbands leave the house. I don't like that. I think that says something about the relationship. I'm happy to report our relationship is not at the point where I say statements like that. Mine sound more like, "HURRY BACK! I miss you already!" Pathetic? Maybe. But at least I know I love him a lot! And I hope someone smacks me if I ever start to say rude things about "feeling free!"

We took a few trips to Target for travel sized shaving cream, medications, and snack bars. He raided my Chapstick and headache medication collection, said goodbye with tears (from me, as usual), and out the door he went. I realize it's only 10 days, but when we're in the midst of wedding planning, finalizing, and craziness, it seems like an eternity. Not sure how Kevin managed for 10 months while I was gone in California! I hope to get a lot done while he's gone. With the help of Jeni Wojahn, Linda Brandt, and my family, we're going to surprise Kevin with a much shorter to-do list when he returns! So thankful for the people who are working hard to help us with all these tasks! But even more thankful for a groom who constantly says, "How can I help you today?" Seriously, I do not take his helpfulness for granted!

Yesterday Kevin worked hard to get his bags packed all morning so he could come with me to the wedding I was shooting in the afternoon. It is sooo super helpful to have a second set of hands to carry bags, ladders, and tripods. He actually spent most of the day behind his own camera acting as my second shooter. He's really gotten quite good. Looking for details I am missing, capturing candids, and seeing things through his own set of creative eyes. What a gift! I have another wedding today (yes, two in one weekend), so needless to say, having him there helped keep my mind pre-occupied, and made the day much easier on me, giving me more energy for my second wedding today. He's something! After four hours of shooting, he said, "I'm not sure how you do this for those eight and ten hour wedding days."

Here are a few shots of Kevin and I in action at the wedding. He likes to take shots of can tell who the true professional is in this relationship. The only photos I have of him are when he creeps into the background of my photo! Laughs. AHHH---I miss him already. It's been a total of 6 hours since he left. 9 days and 18 hours to go until I get to squeeze him once again! Can't wait!


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