Wednesday, February 03, 2010

preparing for departure

by Amber

I haven't been on a plane since last summer. Seems like a long time ago given the number of hours I spent in the air last year going to and from internship to a speaking gig, and to a few weddings. The task of balancing your carry on, actual suitcase, blended chai, boarding pass, and ID were a breeze. Tomorrow I am flying out to Park City, UT to meet up with former Luther Seminary MA student Erin Diericx. She was around on campus my first two school years (06/07-08/09), and got her degree in New Testament studies. I met her my first year when she lived in Stub Hall for a few weeks before getting settled into her room in Bockman Hall. I eventually lived in Bockman with her my second year and got to know her the best that year during a few classes. Anyway, long story short, Erin goes skiing in Utah every winter and likes to have a buddy come along to help her out. Luckily, it worked in my schedule to join her, so I am super psyched about my first ski trip to the mountains to see my old friend. Please pray for our safety as we fly, ski, and compete in the Olympic Trials!


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