Friday, January 29, 2010

jam session!

by Amber

Update: the nieces are a blast. Check out this picture I got of the two of them jamming out in the basement! They are going to be musicians just like their Auntie!!! So dang cute.
P invited me to her beach party at preschool this morning. The kids thought I was some celebrity or something--a younger person, new to the school, I made friends real fast! :) The preschool teacher even put me to work while I was there, taking kids to the bathroom (where I got lectured by a 3 year old for not soaping up my hands for at least 20 seconds. He made me start over and count outloud!). She also had me get them dressed in normal clothes again after they spent the morning in shorts, sunglasses, flipflops, and t-shirts. I was intrigued by the differences in clothing. Not that what you wear determines what you'll become, how blessed you are, you get the point...but it really did make me think about the different lifestyles kids have the second they are born. One girl put on her faux mink coat with matching hat and expensive boots (yeah, she's 5), one boy had two different socks, beat up tennis shoes, and a shirt two sizes too big, another was decked out in Worthington Trojan memorabilia. Does any of this matter? Does the girl in the mink coat have a hand up on mis-matched sock boy? Is the sports enthusiast going to be stuck loving sports whether he wants to or not? Maybe. Maybe not. Thoughts?


Anonymous amy said...

Love how the little boy made you rewash your hands. Kids say the darnedest things!! Gotta love them!

Very thought provoking post. I always wonder what kids are going to be when they grow up, and if the way they are raised is how they are going to turn out.

2/04/2010 12:47:00 PM  

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