Sunday, December 27, 2009

no more snow!

by Amber

Wow...this has been one interesting Christmas. You know, the snow on the 23rd was great. The 24th was still pretty, but come the 25th, I was sooo over the beauty of it and really just wanting to go home and see my family. We never made it. I'm from Worthington, MN, and they got pummeled even more than we did here in St. Paul. I was relieved to hear my mom tell me to stay at school and not try the 3 hour trek, because it would've taken forever and likely would've been scary. Instead, we hung out at Kevin's parent's house for 48 hours, bugging them, eating lots of delicious meals, and playing cello. We're moving the official holiday back until next weekend! Despite the falling snow, church at Spirit of Christ in St. Louis Park was packed, we kept shoveling every 15 minutes to keep the sidewalks clear, and even got the luminaries out! Last year I was in Torrance, CA without a jacket, tights, and not a snowflake in sight. Those were the days!


Anonymous Linda said...

We had a beautiful 60 something degree Christmas in Torrance. The sun was shining but we were missing our Amber. May God continue to shine His light on you and through you. Love you!

12/27/2009 02:01:00 PM  
Anonymous Camille said...

Some of us former Minnesotans live in Torrance just to escape this kind of weather drama. Hang in there. "If winter comes, can spring be far behind?" Sometimes, yes!

12/30/2009 11:35:00 AM  

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