Wednesday, December 09, 2009

snow day---or NOT!

by Amber

Remember those days when you were in elementary school? The night of a blizzard when the school cancellations zipped across the bottom of the television screen during the news...remember how high you jumped off the couch when you saw "Worthington, district 518---CLOSED!" I almost threw my arm out of socket one year doing excessive fist pumps at the sight of this.

Well, my alarm went off this morning, and I had a certain mental expectation to see school cancelled due to the blizzard we were in. I ran to my e-mail. I went to the Luther website. No notice. I looked out the window to see a 2 foot drift of snow around my car and said outloud, "You've got to be kidding me!!!" Did anyone else feel this way as you commuted or walked to school? How about a snow day people!? :) Eventhough it was nasty outside, the happenings on campus were sweet! Lots of fun! Our contemporary/alternative worship class was in charge of chapel. We sang a U2 song (got to play with fellow blogger Tim--he rocked out the trombone), did a few experiential things, distributed communion to eachother, and experienced some silence and space in worship. After that, a HUGE art piece was being worked on in the lobby. Watch the video for evidence of that. A community meal followed with chili, and pumpkin bars! YUM! I worked in seminary relations all afternoon, and now I'm staying put in my room for the night. I don't feel like busting down the drift in front of my car, although, now with my new Subaru, I can probably bust drifts in ways my old VW bettle never could! Hm...maybe I WILL go outside! :) Safe travels, snuggling, movie watching, and hot cocoa drinking to you all!


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