Saturday, December 05, 2009

Advent Sketching

by Tim K. Snyder

Each day in Advent, my friend Paul Soupiset sketches in his journal. Its his way to be present to this Advent restlessness of this season:

Yesterday after class, a meeting on campus worship and a performance with Luther Brass, I headed to downtown Minneapolis to catch some hang time with my good friend and mentor, Paul Soupiset. He was in town for a business meeting and so we spent the late afternoon catching up. Paul greeted me with a big smile saying, "gee for two people who live thousands of miles away, we sure do see each other a lot." It's funny but true. We've hung out about once a month since I left Texas which is about how often we got serious hang time in the midst of our crazy schedules in Texas. You may remember Paul and I work together on GENERATE Magazine (see this post) so we had to touch base about that. But we also caught up on life, work, funny things, etc. On the way to the airport we talked through some discernment I'm working through and even talked through Jürgen Moltmann's social doctrine of the eschatological Trinity — ya you do.

So if you're looking for an Advent discipline to help you be more present to this season. Grab a cup of coffee in the AM or tea for the PM and visit Paul at and gaze through these beauties. What catches your attention? What images stick with you? What is it about these images that words might not convey?

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