Monday, November 30, 2009

A Busy Week

by Scott Dalen

Where did the week of Thanksgiving go? Wow that was fast.

It was a busy one, yet incredibly enjoyable to have the week of from homework. It didn't take long to fall into the habit of sitting and relaxing in the evening over the course of this week, but alas, that time has passed as last night I found myself starting up my reading for the week. 2 weeks to go Scott, 2 weeks to go.

There were several highlights to my week off from school (though alas, not from work). The first one occurred on Tuesday when I traveled to the radio station to be recorded. The local churches in the area will each record a short little blurb about "the reason for the season," aka Jesus. This year my partner pastor asked me to do it as a bit of my contextual work and I figured it would be doable.

I was surprised at how long it took to prep a 2 minute blurb, but in the end it worked out pretty well. So Tuesday I headed off to the radio station to do the recording. I ended up standing in the lobby longer than it took to make the recording. The lady at the station told me that they would start running the different recordings periodically from Thanksgiving through Christmas. Now 4 days after Thanksgiving, I haven't heard myself yet, or any of them for that matter, but I remain hopeful that one of these days I'll hear my voice coming out of the radio.

The next great thing about this week is the impact on work. I got off early on Wednesday, leaving about 1 instead of 4:30 like normal, which made for a nice short day at work. Then I had Thursday off and then Friday we wrapped up and left about 12:30, so it was another nice short day. It also made the day feel like Saturday, so the weekend itself seemed longer than normal, even though I did work on Friday. So that was a plus.

The other great thing...2 Thanksgiving feasts. The benefit of being married and having celebrations on different days. If I've never mentioned it, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I'm an eater so it's right up my alley. A highlight was hanging out with my brother, who is actually the closest of my family members yet I don't manage to see him a whole lot. We decided to also get together for supper over this past weekend with our families. The kids played together and the adults watched the newly released DVD of Star Trek. An exciting conclusion to the holiday weekend.

But now, its back to to normal. Work and homework, at least for a couple weeks.


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