Saturday, October 10, 2009

Winter again? Ugg

by Scott Dalen

Well, I'm coming face to face with old man winter yet again. In my 30 years, you'd think I'd be used to it by now. But every year, it catches me unprepared again.

Don't get me wrong, I used to love winter...sledding, playing in the snow, snow days. It was great...but then I got a little older. That feeling has changed.

I often say that I hate winter...and this is true. Of the four holidays, it ranks in at #11 (and yes that is possible in Scotty's world). In fact, I hate it so much that it ruins fall for me. Fall is usually a pretty nice season, but I lose out on it because I know that winter is right around the corner.

Here in Northern Iowa, winter is about the same as it is on campus in St. Paul. I tell myself that, then I go to campus in January and we hit minus 30 degrees. I long for the tropics of Iowa. Truth be told though, we get the exact same weather. The snow, the wind, the artic blasts. So what the student experience at school is the same thing that I get here.

The forcast for the weekend was snow on Saturday, clearing through by SUnday, but then more snow Sunday night. What did we do? My wife and I trekked across, Iowa to stay with my sister in the NorthEastern portion of the state. All it did was delay the fury though. I see by some friends facebook posts that the snow hit at home overnight. And as I look out the window to the west here, I see some pretty dark clouds.

Ugg. I'm not ready for this again.

Scrapping windows on the car, shoveling the driveway, having to bundle up in 18 extra layers to go outside. Yuck...all I'm going to say.

But its I better get my winter groove on.

To quote the Joker (something I'm fond of)...And Here..We...Go


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