Thursday, October 08, 2009

door of approval

by Amber

This is what I stared at today for about 2 minutes of my life. The door to Dr. Lois Malcolm's door. She is my advisor. Today I met with her and her faculty partner for my approval interview. Once you talk with them for about 45 minutes, they send you into the hall and make you wait while they come to their decision about whether or not to approve me. Usually, I'd say, "I don't need your approval!" But today I definitely did. It turned out to be an amazing affirmation of call. They helped me identify my gifts and got me thinking about the future. What a blessing. An interview was a blessing, yes it was. Two faculty who I highly respect and admire about brought me to happy tears. More evidence of the Holy Spirit here at Luther. Spirit sightings have been happening all over the place. Where have you seen the Spirit?


Anonymous Linda said...

I saw the Spirit moving in you while you were here at LCGS - and I know she's continuing her work. Love you!

10/08/2009 05:29:00 PM  

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