Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Waiting for fall (classes) to start

by Jenni

This has been an unusual semester so far. As a part-time student, I don’t ever have as many classes at one time as most of the students on campus do. Last fall I upped the ante and took three classes. My family has begged me to never do that again. “Crabby Mommy” decided to stay for the semester. With two part-time jobs (including a youth group), three kids, a Brownie troop to lead, a husband to love, and a skeletal social life (never mind a full fall T.V. schedule to TiVo), three classes just about killed me.

Things are different this fall. I decided to give up the Brownie troop (but I still help out) and my only classes this semester are a one-week intensive next week and a second six-week class starting the week after. This means I haven’t had any classes yet this fall.

I feel like an outsider when friends ask, “So, how are your classes going?” or “Tough semester?” and all I’ve been doing is reading fiction, keeping up-to-date on my pop culture and becoming addicted to Facebook games. At a place like Luther where community is such an important part of the, uh, Life@Luther, not being here at all makes it feel distant. While I know the class is going to be great, I don’t know that I would schedule my semesters like this again.

I’m excited for next week and my fall semester to finally begin. But I have warned my family that Crabby Mommy will probably come for a visit next week. An intensive is still an intensive.

Maybe I’ll buy a DVD when It’s over as a reward. I hear Transformers 2 comes out next week.


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