Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Laughter at my brother's expence

by Scott Dalen

Every once in awhile, its important to put some things on the back burner and just go out and have a touch of fun.

Last night I had that oppurtunity. But first some back ground. My older brother had reconstructive knee surgery about a month ago, and hes been laid up in his house with a cast from his hip to his toes ever since. Needless to say he's going a little stir crazy. Just ask his wife, she'll confirm that for you.

I was talking with him yesterday and he commented that he's going to go a little gaga if he doesn't get something to pass the time. Roughly translated, he was planning on buying a new video game system. I needed to doa touch of shopping for my wife's upcoming birthday, so this was a good excuse to blow off responsibility for a couple horus and hang out with my brother.

The best part of the evening, watching him flop himself into my truck. It was a process, and I'm not ashamed to say that I laughed at his expense. Don't judge me, if the rolls were reversed he would have done the same thing.

After buzzing into town we made a "quick" run through Arby's. By quick I mean extraordinarily slow. I think they had to butcher the cow and grow the potatoes before we finally got our food. But once that was done we went to do our shopping. I made my purchase while he stood there on his crutches. One comment at his expence sparked him to wack me in the leg with a crutch, something I won't soon forget. Once that was completed, it was on to the electronic section for him to decide what game system to buy.

That portion of the evening lasted about 20 minutes. I was trying really hard to stiffle my laughter as he shuffled back and forth between the game cabinet sections, trying to decide what to get. That would have been funny enough to see normally, but then put the crutches into it, and I just had to laugh.

Now I realize that this makes me sound like a terrible person. Here I am laughing at someone because of a medical imparement. Trust that I don't normally act in such ways. But it was my brother, we are able to joke around with each other about things like this. You just wait, someday when I'm laid up due to a procedure of some kind, he'll be the one laughing.


Anonymous Susan said...

Ahh, the "Arby's School of Fast Food Management" lives again. I thought perhaps they'd passed that mantle on to Taco Bell.

Be nice to your brother, Scott--you never know when you might need him!

10/14/2009 01:21:00 PM  

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