Thursday, February 10, 2011

Spring Semester

by Jenny

As I mentioned previously, the line between my J-term and Spring semester was rather blurry. I turned in my final J-term paper last Friday, and started Spring classes on Tuesday. Despite not having a break, I really enjoyed my J-term experience and was glad to get a full credit done in a month. Now it’s time to focus on the new semester.

What’s new for me? For one, I have class every day of the week. I have been spoiled all my other semesters by having at least one day per week with no classes, typically Fridays. On the plus side, having class everyday means I see people more often and am more likely to participate in activities on campus, like discipleship group.

Another new thing for me is having an 8 a.m. class—3 days per week. I am a morning person, but even for me this seems early, mostly because I never know how long the drive to school will take at that time. On Wednesday I left an hour early and it only took me 20 minutes to get to school. Yet if I try to leave tomorrow at 7:30am I might be stuck in traffic for 45 minutes. I’ll probably get the timing just right by week 6, when this class ends.

Maybe I’ve gotten used to seminary, or maybe my classes have gotten easier, but looking at my schedule for spring, I do not feel at all overwhelmed (as I have before). I haven’t had my preaching class yet, but that seems to be more practical than intensely academic. I’d say the same for my church music class. And after the first day of my History of the Reform class, I feel very relieved to only be covering about 400 years of church history in one class, as opposed to the 1500 years we covered in the Early Church History class. Things are looking good.

My most exciting class is Greek Readings. I’ve spent the past semester and summer as a TA for the basic Greek class, getting a good grasp on the basics. Now I'm excited to apply what I’ve learned (or hope I’ve learned!) to actually reading the New Testament, which is why we learn all that grammar in the first place. I’m enjoying taking a class that is not an introductory level course, going deeper into what I love most about seminary—God’s Word and of course, ancient languages!


Blogger Scott Dalen said...

I can totally relate to your morning commute. In J-term I had an 8am...the first day I ended up 20 minutes late. So after that I started leaving the house at 6:30, before traffic and was on campus by 7 everyday. Sometimes we can't win for losing.

2/15/2011 08:23:00 AM  

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