Monday, February 07, 2011

And Here We Go

by Scott Dalen

Last day before the start of my first full time on campus semester. I find myself a little nervous, but at the same time excited and ready to get going.

A couple of thoughts that strike me as questionable yet funny at the same time. First off a question. Why does class start on Tuesday on not today. Wouldn't it make more sense to start on a Monday? That's the beauty of an online class. You can really start any day you want to, provided the week's assignment is posted. But with on campus classes, it doesn't quite work that way.

I first realized that we would not have class today a couple weeks back during the j-term intensive. I was in ethics class and a couple of fellow on campus students tried to explain the reasoning to me. I kinda got it, but mostly I just shook my head and accepted that I won't really understand it.

However, the paranoid part of my brain wouldn't stop there and I've continued to wonder about it. By wondering, I've also managed to place the question of whether or not it was in fact true in my head. Therefore, I emailed my Monday class professors last week.

One of my professors, who will remain nameless, responded back that, in fact, classes do not start until tomorrow. Said professor also mentioned that the reasoning behind it was a big mystery for them as well.

That made me feel a lot better. If faculty doesn't quite get it, as a brand new (kinda anyway) student, I shouldn't sweat it either.

My next thought as I prepare to head to campus tomorrow is a bit of a repeat from J-term. What time do I need to leave taking into account traffic. J-term I had an 8am class. After the first day fiasco (thanks in part to snow over night as well as traffic), I started leaving the house at 6:30. Traffic was still moving and I was on campus by 7. I would head to the caf and hang out with classmates as they had breakfast before heading to class. Now I have class at 9. There's no way I'm leaving the house 2.5 hours early in order to beat rush hour traffic. I'm just not going to do it. But the question is in my head...well then, what time?

I'm considering 7am, but that still seems a touch early. If the drive is about an hour (which is what I expect if the weather cooperates) then I'm still an hour early with nothing to do (provided I finish up the reading for tomorrow before calling it a day today). I'm also thinking 7:30 but then if things are really nuts about that time (which I fear it will be) then I may be pushing it to make it by 9.

I'm so confused. Seriously, I just need to get week 1 done with so I can start to find my groove. But before I can finish it, I've got to start it.

And now to use a token quote that I use at the beginning of every semester (though usually on Facebook)...And Here...We...Go


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