Sunday, February 06, 2011

Last term...

by Carl Mattias

The other day when I was thinking about my the spring term and all the courses I'll be taking, I suddenly realized that it is my last term at Luther Seminary! It's hard to think that I'm already past half my time here and in 4 months I'll be gone from the US...

The most recent 2 terms (Fall term and J-term), however, have been a very good time and I've learned incredibly much! Both from the excellent professors here at Luther Seminary (knowledge and experience I'll be happy to bring with me to my future ministry in Sweden!) and from my dear friends here in the US, helping me to experience and learn about the American culture (such as the Super Bowl), helping me to reflect on my own life and the culture back in Sweden.

As I mentioned in my previous post I'm happy that I've begun working out, especially since 3 of my 4 classes are in the same classroom, a classroom that happens to be in Bockman Hall, where I'm currently residing! But this is the beginning of my last term here at Luther Seminary, not the end of it. There are still things to learn, professors to listen to, books to read, people to get to know and papers to write!


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