Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

by Jenni

Last year I made three resolutions and I didn’t really succeed in fulfilling them (I still think TV equals real life, I’m still intimidated by professors and I still talk about relational ministry in odd situations). Instead, it turned out to be the most difficult year of my life.

I can’t tell you how glad I am to be facing a new year. With a new year, I’ve decided to make more, shall we say, passive resolutions. I have no doubt I will be able to keep them this year.

1. I will continue to embarrass my children in public. My son is 14. There is nothing he hates more than my kissing him in public and saying, “Love you hon!” Will I keep on kissing him in public? Check! Will I search for more ways to cause my children to roll their eyes while saying, “moo-oom” in an exasperated voice? You betcha!

2. I will continue to show the high school kids in my youth group what an amazingly cool adult I really am. How lucky are they to have an adult who is so finely attuned to current events? I’ve got music from those hip Glee kids in my iTunes. I'm that cool and in-tune with the teens now-a-days. Fo’shizzel.

3. I will continue my cutting-edge, high-thrill hobbies. Oh yeah, I bet you didn’t know that about me. I am an adrenalin junkie. I will often work out of my comfort level and knit on circular needles. I know, hold on to your hats. When I really want to be dangerous, I will watch multiple television shows at one time while surfing my entertainment Web sites. Oh, yeah, I’m just quivering with electricity thinking about my thrill-seeking hobbies of pop culture, reading and knitting!

So hopefully 2011 will be an amazing year and I will be able to, uh, maintain my resolutions.


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