Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Joke Turns Into Insight

by Scott Dalen

Every once in awhile I will make a statement that's pretty much intended as a joke, or in the very least a humorous personal interpretation of life as I see, but then the joke turns into something that could be considered at least a little bit insightful.

I was working up my posting for Hebrew for the week as we are in "forum mode" this time around. Namely, we all read the assignment for the week, post comments based on that reading, and then comment on each group members comments.

As I read through the assignment for the week, which consisted of an article and three chapters in our Hebrew text book, I was stuck by certain translations from the Hebrew that could be construed as slang. But keep an open mind on that. The lesson actually dealt with Hebrew prepositions, but as with any translation between languages, there can be some gray area. In my posting, I made a comment that pretty much asked the question..."Does the Hebrew language have slang?" This was about half serious. I tried to cue discussion either in support or against the idea.

Then I read the next chapter. As it turns out...Hebrew does have slang...or at least what we would define as slang...or at least what I would define as slang.

Who know? The Israelites spoke street.



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