Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ponderings and Revelations

by Scott Dalen

I realized something yesterday and it has to do with two things. The first is getting older and the second is the end of the semester.

This Friday marks the last week of new lessons in Hebrew. Each week that we have new material, we have a conference call that serves as a mini-lecture and then there is a vocab/grammar quiz. As this is the last week of new material, this will be the last week of a quiz. There are more conference calls in the remaining weeks, but they are for presentation of final project purposes. Now, my particular time slot for the conference call is Friday at 5:30pm. After its done, I cram for the quiz. So it usually takes a pretty good chunk of my Friday evening.

This Friday marks something else. 31 years since the date of my birth. So I find myself trying to decide if I should be annoyed that I have to spend the evening of my birthday on the phone and doing homework, or if I should be excited that it marks the last time I have to do this particular activity as view it as a birthday gift.

As I sit and ponder on this quandary, I realize something else. I'm starting to see a birthday trend. A year ago when I hit the big 3-0, I had a conference call for my contextual cluster meeting. Now this year I have a conference call for Hebrew. My 32nd birthday will be on a Saturday next year.

I better not have another conference call that day.


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