Thursday, April 22, 2010

Strong Women Part 1

by Amber

Who would've thought the Life at Luther blog could turn into a class project for me? I am currently taking a class called "Gender issues & Preaching" with Dr. Karoline Lewis. The class consists of 16 females, and one male (who we highly value)! As a six week course, Karoline wanted to let us create projects that would be useful for us, and touch in on the thing we most wanted to get from the class. On the first day she asked us, "What do you want to learn here?" Some of the varying replies sounded like this:

"I want to be a better preacher"
"I am around young girls often, and want to learn how better teach and serve them"
"I want to know how being a woman influences my interpretation of scripture"

Mine was: "I never had a relationship with a clergy lady until seminary, and have met many strong female leaders here. I want to learn how those women lead in such a powerful way (and get heard and respected) without taking on characteristics of men."

So, my hope is to be in conversation with a few women here in the twin cities who my classmates helped me label as "strong, powerful, successful, beautiful, and Godly." Keep an eye out for these "Parts" to my assignment and please interact with the writings of provided by these women. The point of this assignment is not only for my learning, but to help other women and men hear and learn from these women in ministry.


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