Sunday, February 07, 2010

rule breaker

by Amber

So, I have a confession to make! Fearful this violation of Visions and Expectations might get me kicked out of seminary, I withheld it until now. About 8 months ago, I had a child. Well, I adopted one; a son. Rather than keeping it secret, I decided to make this public information. When Kevin and I were out in Idaho speaking at a camp, I adopted a moose child from the Spokane Airport. His name is Max-a-moose. This probably seems silly to you, but Kevin and I are pretty serious about bringing him with us to cool places, even out to eat sometimes, and he sleeps next to me in my neck. Of course, when he heard I was taking a trip to Utah, he begged me to take him, so today (day three on the slopes) I fastened him into my coat and he spent the whole day skiing with me. He acted as a neck-gator at times protecting me from the wind. Erin even adopted him as her God-child and wore her brown moose jacket to show her love for him---until she fell asleep in the dining room during lunch. All this skiing wiped her out! You may think I'm crazy telling you about all of this, but he brought a lot of happiness to the hill today. Everyone asked about him and greeted him! He's one popular moose!


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