Saturday, February 06, 2010

Park City Mountain Resort

by Amber

Sorry I didn't get a chance to report in until now. The last two days have been an absolute blast out here at Park City Mountain Resort in Park City, UT. I met Erin at the airport in Salt Lake City, lots of excitement as she found me at baggage claim. We took a van out to the place we're staying; National Ability Center. This place is amazing. During the summer, they offer tons of outdoor activities, horseback riding, high ropes courses, and a whole bunch of activities at PCMR. The NAC is a place committed to helping people of all ability levels develop lifetime skills. When we walked in our room, there were to bouquets of flowers on the dresser. We both got pretty excited, and got close enough to read the card. One for me, one for Erin. Kevin sent us flowers to enjoy during our stay! What a guy!
Day one on the hill was awesome. Snow fell all day long, sometimes more slowly, and sometimes in big chunks, as you can see in this photo. So picturesque. Erin rides in a special ski called a "bi-ski." A teacher tethers webbing behind her ski and basically controls her ski. Erin is in control of turning and maneuvering where she goes down the hill. Leaning, and core strength guide her safely down the hills. She has lessons twice a day for two hours each. Let me be the first to say, she stays as far away from the easy hills as possible. There have been times I followed her down the hill and seriously feared for my life. I have become a much better skier thanks to her! The very first day we rode close to 15 different runs, one through narrow trees so close I could smell the pine. I tried videotaping as I went down the path and foolishly dropped my mitten mid-way. When we went through a second time, it was gone! Sad. It was incredible to see people from so many different countries, states, and ages filling the slopes! One of the craziest sights today was when we made our way to a run called "blanche." The air temp was warmer than the snow, so there was a ridiculously thick fog that we ran right into. We couldn't see more than 20 feet in front of us! I was passing black diamond hills on my left named "widowmaker" and "naildriver." Thank goodness Erin's teacher knew the way to the blue hill, or it could've been ugly! Check out the first photo in this post to see the crazy amount of fog in the middle of the mountain. It looked like we were skiing into the ocean! In bed by 9:00 yesterday and now again tonight! Hard work!

Kristen, Erin, and I ready for another lesson!


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