Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Prayers please

by Jenni

Okay, I don't use this blog for anything confrontational (I wait until I'm in person for that!) or theologically cutting-edge (there are people more qualified for that!). I usually just try to share my lighthearted view of life at Luther Seminary. But right now, I'm going abuse my position and make a prayer request.

Thus summer, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was aggressive and metastasized to her bones quickly. Recently we found out it had spread to her spinal column and brain. Because of the amazing way the human body was created, things put into the blood don't easily get to the brain. That includes chemotherapy. The easiest way to get chemo drugs to her brain is putting them directly into the brain.

So tomorrow morning at 7 a.m., my mom is going in for brain surgery. They are going to drill into her head and place a reservoir to hold the drugs under her skull and an accessible port to insert the drugs every other week. While the doctor is confident and has done this procedure many, many times, it's still scary for us (the family) and terrifying for my mom.

So please, tomorrow at 7 a.m. pray for my mom—Judy—and for the surgical staff working on her. I figure between here, Facebook and my mom's Caring Bridge site I've got a good number of people praying for my mom.

Thank you.


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