Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Covert Ops at Wal-Mart

by Scott Dalen

Last night was a good night.

I got home from work in a pretty decent mood because the day's work had gone fairly smoothly. Also in the mix, the fact that we had decided to hit pizza buffet for supper after making a trip to Wal-mart.

Side note...I wish I had a lot of stock in Wal-mart...because my family alone has to raise the share value by at 2 or 3 points...but I digress.

So I got home and we all jumped in the van and headed off into the wild blue yonder. Though when I say it like that, it sounds like we just experienced the end of a Western.

Our first stop, or more so our first loop, was through the two car lots in the vacinity of Wal-mart. Our van is getting a touch on the old side and we are starting to think about upgrading to something a little newer, so we took a look. I thgought it was funny seeing the salesman standing at the window just waiting...I could read his thoughts all over his face. "It's cold out there, but if that van stops and they get out I am all over that." Sorry Mr. Salesman, not today.

From there we headed off to Wal-mart. We had a batch of stuff to pick up, but one needed to be done covertly. We are getting a Wii from my in-laws for Christmas. Basically a whole family gift. To go along with that, my parents wanted us to pick up a game for the kids that would be from them. I had one in mind that I was going to get. Had to go fairly basic as my daughter is only three at this point.

But how to pick it up with out the kids noticing. We had to be sneaky. So my wife took the kids towards the shoe section as they both need some new shoes and I was walking behind. Then I swung off into the electronic section, found the game, then hooked back up with them, managing to slip the game into the cart under our coats.

Step 1, successful.

As we made it to the checkout counter, the youngest said she needed to go to the bathroom. I thought this would play out well. My wife could take her to the bathroom, and typically that makes the oldest one say that he too needs to go to the bathroom and I could just check out. No problem right?

Wrong...he didn't go to the bathroom. But fortunately he got distracted at one point and turned his back, and I was able to slip the game across the scanner and into the bag without him noticing.

Step 2 succsful.

From there we headed off for pizza buffet, which is, in my opinion the greatest food creation of all time. Then we headed for home. After sitting around for a little while, the kids went off to bed.

My wife and I snuggled up under blankets on the couch, each with a book in hand. Novels, not text books mind you. As I sat there reading for enjoyment, snuggly and warm I realized. It sure is nice to be able to slack off...even for a little while.


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