Sunday, February 13, 2011

A new way of thinking...

by Carl Mattias

I now have one less week at Luther Seminary...
I'm enjoying my spring semester so far, even though I might have my strangest schedule so far. Somehow I have all my courses on Tuesdays, all five of them, meaning I go from 9 am to 9 pm. And that's it. Well, almost anyway, since I have a few classes on Thursdays as well, giving me 3 solid reading days every week as long as I can survive my Tuesdays. Something that shouldn't be a problem since I'm very happy with my courses so far. I also got reminded of something important this week. While attending class, I'm not just obtaining new information to cram into my head and then trying to apply it, I also to this a get to meet and be under the tutelage of many of the great minds at Luther Seminary. Sometimes I find professors who think in a way similar to my way of thinking, which is encouraging and makes them easy to follow and understand and sometimes I find professors who don't, which makes them a bit harder to understand. This time though I've found a professor who doesn't think like me, but somehow is easier to understand. In other words I'm being introduced to a new way of thinking, this is not the first time however (I've been studying at seminary for 3.5 years after all). But this time around it is different since the professor is actually challenging me to think in a completely new way.
Challenge accepted!


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