Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Send Me to Sweden

by Jenny

After reading Mattias’ last post, going to seminary in Sweden sounds quite appealing. This week happens to be one of those in which everything seems to pile up. I have something due in all of my classes, if not two things in some of them, plus a sermon I’m working on. I’m not complaining, just wishing stuff could be spread out a little bit more evenly. The block system is looking pretty good right now, especially since I get really into whatever I am studying at the time.

I guess that is what J-term is about. I signed up to take a semester’s worth of systematic theology in 3 weeks so I could focus on just that subject, but now I’m sort of wondering if that was a good idea. The professor already emailed the syllabus, and it’s quite rigorous, especially considering the subject matter and the short time frame. Yet I do enjoy challenges, and with only 6 people signed up for the class, it will be sort of like private lessons! Besides, what else I am going to do in Minnesota in January?

To completely change the subject (my creativity’s tapped out this week), today was Community Meal day at Luther. They host free lunches once a month as a way to build community and gather donations for the food shelf. Today was a Thanksgiving meal, and the cafeteria was packed. One thing I enjoy about these meals (besides the free food) is seeing kids at Luther. I saw several cute babies today, and toddlers chasing each other through the dining hall. In the midst of a busy week of studying, kids remind me not to take life too seriously. I appreciate having the joys of childhood brought into what I normally think of as an academic setting. So, thanks parents/students!


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