Sunday, October 31, 2010

a quite semester...sort of.

by Tim K. Snyder

I see most of us have re-introduced ourselves heading in to this new year. I'm Tim and I'm a second year masters of arts student in the congregational mission & leadership program. My course of study is largely at the intersection of theology and culture -- with special attention to ecclesiology (theology of church). I am not sure where this journey leads but I'm beginning to hear a call to some combination of teaching/creative ministry/networking.

We'll it's been a quite semester for me as a blogger. This has been true not only here but on my personal blog also where in the past I've often blogged 3-5 times a week. I've not blogged on either in months now. I always have times like these where my blogging/journal needs to take a break. But mostly this time around its because the semester has been an intense season of academic reading and writing. This season has been my biggest foray into being an "academic" yet. I'm learning a lot about the discipline it takes, but I'm also finding it really transformative for me.

In many ways this semester has been the culmination of many years. I've spent the last year and a half trying to understand (make meaning) out of the three years I spent starting a church in Austin, Texas. I realize most people go to seminary and then start churches. I never was good at doing things in the right order. I'm also growing a lot in my sense of call, though I'm still working hard to NOT figure out what is next after graduation this spring. For now I'm trying to let the now lead simply to what's next and leave the master plan to the Master.

This week is a big week for me as I head to Boston, MA. I'm presenting a paper at Boston 2010 part of a global collection of conferences re-imagining mission in the 21st century. I'm presenting a paper on alt. worship in the UK and presenting it on a panel called "Changing Contours of Christian Unity." This is a pretty big deal for me since the conference is international and part of the historic centennial celebration of Edinburgh 1910. Hopefully I'll post updates from the road. Until then, I've got to get to bed here so I can start this week on track.


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