Wednesday, November 03, 2010

I'm still alive!

by Carl Mattias

Hi everyone!
I somehow managed to survive the dreaded mid-terms! Which mean I can finally have a life again (that is until the next period of exam comes around)! It seems like I'm finally are getting used to the new way of studying here at Luther Seminary. In Sweden we take classes in blocks, meaning we read one course at a time. One semester consists of four "blocks" making a block approximately four credits (yeah, we are tad lazier in Sweden). With exams taking place at the end of those blocks, making it impossible to have more than 1 test on the same day (unless you're reading a couple of courses parallel, such as Greek or Hebrew). It's good in one way, since you only have to concentrate on one subject at a time. Bad in another way, if you don't like the subject, find it to easy or if are very interested and want to spend additional time with it, you still have the same amount of time for all of the courses (unless again you're reading a special course such as Greek or the History of Christianity, which takes up two blocks).

I have also recently realized that I've been in the US for over half a term and that I am actually living in the US. A thought that seemed so far away when I first arrived in this foreign country in what feels to have been a long time ago...
I also realized that this has made me multilingual, meaning I make no distinction between English and Swedish in my mind anymore. Something that's generally a good thing but sometimes can be problematic, like when I accidentally answered my phone in Swedish and when I was telling a friend about my mistake afterwards and suddenly realized that I was doing the explanation partly in Swedish! Being multilingual has it's downsides (but mostly upsides)!


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