Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The half way point...on many levels

by Scott Dalen

Week 8? How the heck did we get here already?

As I sat down last night, opened up the laptop, pulled up Luthernet and started working out the week’s assignments, I realized that the semester is past the half way point already. This coincided with another halfway point for me. Yesterday in CPE we discussed our mid-unit evaluations which will be on the docket to be discussed at next week’s session. That’s another thing that’s right about half way done already.

I thought some more, and realized that with the upcoming move to the Twin Cities, and speeding up school, I’m coming up on another halfway point. At the end of this school year, I’ll be right about half way through seminary. Granted, this still leaves a lot of ground to cover, and that being said, there’s a lot of ground to cover between now and the end of the school year as well, but…


Somehow, the prospect of approaching the halfway point of this whole deal is daunting. The DL program is wonderful, but it is so long. I’ve already been at it for almost two and half years, and until this upcoming move, I was a long way from finishing. I was only half way to internship. That’s obviously changed.

As I ponder on the speedier track that I’m about to embark on, I realize that I have a LOT of work to get done asap. I need to write my endorsement essay as well as start the process of getting ready for internship, which I’m now expecting to occur next fall.

I think about all these steps that I need to get done, and I realize, I’m nowhere near half way done with all of that stuff. I better get moving…because time is flying whether I keep up or not.


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