Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Strong Women Part 5

by Amber

On our first day of class, Karoline asked all sixteen classmates in "Gender issues and Preaching" to write down the lines they have gotten in ministry. Lines that they heard and thought, "mmm...probably not the right thing to say." Some of them are humorous, some are hurtful. The point of this is to bring to light what kinds of things pastors hear (men and women). Have you heard stuff like this? Know you are not alone. Know it is ok to speak up if someone crosses the line.

“You gonna be one 'o them women pastors?”

"A single female? She must be gay."

“Did you need time to check your makeup before we go?”

“Got your lipstick?”


“Tuck this into your tiny little brain....”

“Do you really think it's necessary to kiss your husband during the sharing of the peace?”

"Why are you wearing those shoes?"

“Don't do your nails at work.” (like I would!)

“I would hate for people to miss what you have to say because of the way you look.”

“You need to get some powder for your shiny forehead.”

"Can you dance like that (hip hop, Latin) if you are a pastor?"

"Oh, you look so young, I thought you were one of the youth group kids."

"Are you dating anyone? If not, we'll hook you up with someone."

“An ELCA member asked, “What do we call female clergy in the church? Are they called pastors too?”

“Bets on if the hair is up or down.”

"She's just being emotional right now. Maybe her time of the month."

“Can a pastor wear that?” (a tank top with 1" wide straps).

While wearing peeped toed shoes: "I've never seen a pastor’s toes before."


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