Monday, May 10, 2010

The Beginning of the End

by Scott Dalen

We're finally here...the last week of the semester. This makes me ecstatic as well as feeling dread all at the same time. Ecstatic from the stand point that in a few short days I will be done for the semester...which is super this time around as I will officially be done with Language studies for my seminary education..Greek is done and I'm wrapping up Hebrew.

I feel dread because I know that I need to knock out my final project/paper/presentation through this week. I've made some headway on it, but at the moment not a ton. My final translation is now completed. I've got a pretty good idea about what I'm going to write for the paper and I've got a pretty good idea on my focus for the presentation, which will be Friday afternoon at 5:30...which at the time I write this is 104.5 hours...and counting.

It'll all get be honest, I'm making a bigger deal of it than it really will be, but I do still need to do the legwork.

In terms of the final presentations, the class is divided. Some did their presentations during their group conference calls last week, some do them this week. I got jealous last week see different people posting on facebook that they are done. But then, I did a lot of slacking last week while they were slaving away getting their stuff I guess I shouldn't complain too loud.

Last Friday I sat in on my normal conference call and listened to the first two presentations. I admit that it gave me a pretty good idea at how I wanted to approach mine, and I had high hopes of working on the whole "final project" over the course of the weekend. But once my call was done and I walked down the street to the in-law's house for supper, I got lazy. Friday homework.

Saturday afternoon we had a birthday party for my niece, and then we headed off to Menards and bought some stuff for home improvement projects. On the to-do list: remove old ceiling fans and install new ones (4 of them), repair hole in the dry wall cause by me getting testy and smacking the wall a little too hard, get new bedroom door to replace the one that had a crack when we moved in, paint the steps and walls leading into the basement.

We didn't get everything that we needed for this list, but we got enough stuff to make a pretty good dent in it. Mainly the ceiling fans though. Once we got home, I went right to work on the one in the living room as the kids would be going to bed and since I would need to rely on natural light for the installation, I thought that a big open window facing west would provide the best conditions as the sun was rapidly sinking.

2 hours later, I had the ceiling fan installed and was fully dark outside by that time and some flashlight action was required during the process. It turned out pretty nice.

One thing I noticed was how lazy the my cat is...she actually sacked out in front of the tv...just look at this.

Apparently I was bugging her with my work.

But with all that, I didn't get any homework done on Saturday.

Yesterday morning we headed off to church. After that I got the 2nd fan done and then we headed off for a really fancy Mother's Day lunch buffet. Expensive, but really good. After that everyone took naps, which was wonderful, and then I tackled the last two fans. Wrapped that up about 6:30 last night.

After the kids went to bed, I knew that I couldn't put it off any longer, so I sat down at the table and went to work on the final project. Made some headway...but there's still more to do. Hopefully over the course of the next couple days I can get it wrapped up.



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