Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Martin Sexton at Fizgerald

by Amber

He's baaaaack!

3 years ago, Martin Sexton was in the twin cities, Kevin coaxed me into going on a 'non-date' with him, and the show was amazing!!!! Now we're engaged. Amazing how things change. 3 years ago Kevin signed up for Martin's street team, got free tickets, and we got to meet him and get our photo taken.

Well, Martin came back and rocked the Fitzgerald Theater on April 25 for another amazing show. Kevin worked the street team again, but sadly, we didn't get to see him again. Sad. He has quite an eclectic following. Mostly people in their early 30's-late 50's. During one of his songs a group of about 8 men and women started dancing in the aisles of the theater. After they stood there for two more songs, an usher walked up and asked them to move. People started clapping. Heaven forbid they get up out of their seats and watch the show. That at least gives you an idea of the vibe of this show. Sitting, a little clapping, some singing along, but most of all, ENJOYING! Search for him on youtube and enjoy the awesomeness that Martin is for yourself!


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