Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What a Difference a Day Makes

by Scott Dalen

It's Wednesday of the last week of the semester. Perhaps I can call this the Middle of the Beginning of the End?

Maybe not.

The good news, Monday night I finished my final paper for Hebrew and emailed it off to my professor. So that's a done deal and it felt pretty good to have done.

The bad news is there is still a little bit left to accomplish before I can call this semester officially in the books. Friday afternoon I have a conference call and I need to do a short presentation based on my paper. It won't be overly drastic and I'm not super concerned about it, but I do need to do the prep work for it.

My original thought was that I was going to do it last night, but there's some background to this whole deal. Tuesday night's I have golf league through the summer. As the weather was pretty lousy yesterday, I was wondering whether or not I would actually play last night.

One of the other league members works with my wife, and he told her that it was called off yesterday afternoon. So I thought "great" and we decided that we were going to do a follow up run to Menard's and get some more stuff that we didn't pick up Saturday (aka the ceiling fans from my last posting).

I got home from work yesterday and thought to myself that I should probably confirm with the course. Turns out we still had league. The other guy was miss-informed. Now I was in scramble mode. I had called my brother (who was subbing for my partner) and let him off the hook and by this time he was otherwise engaged for the evening. So he was out. I did manage to get a friend of mine to come fill in, so it was all good.

I enjoyed playing golf, even if it was pretty chilly and I didn't play overly great...but hey...its golf. So I'm not going to complain.

The downside of it, by the time we got done and I got home, I was too worn out to do any homework. I thought to myself, "its only Tuesday, I've got till Friday on this thing."

Well now its Wednesday. My presentation is in two days. Suddenly I'm starting to feel the crunch. What a difference a day makes. Yesterday I felt like I had plenty of time. Today I feel rushed.


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